Ming Lv

Ph.D, Founder & CEO

B.S. in Biotechnology of Zhejiang University, Ph.D in Immunology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS), mainly engaged in genetically engineered antibody research; former leader of the Antibody Team of the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, AMMS; nearly 20 years of antibody R&D experience. The anti-Ebola virus antibody drug developed by Dr. Lv in 2014 saved the life of a UK female soldier; he was granted honors by national leaders and named among the “Outstanding Individuals in Ebola Epidemic Prevention and Control”.

Dr. Lv has successively undertaken more than 10 major projects, including national “major new drug development projects” and national “863” projects, obtained more than 10 national invention patents, applied for more than 30 patents, and published more than 30 SCI papers. He has also developed and advanced 8 innovative drugs to clinical stage.

He is currently serving as a member of the Specialized Committee on Monoclonal Antibodies of the China Medical Biotechnology Association (CMBA), a member of the Specialized Committee on Biopharmacy of the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Association, etc.

He was honored as a talent under the Hangzhou Riverside “5050” Plan in 2018. He was honored as a leading talent in the “Innovative and Entrepreneur Talents Project • E-town Talents” in 2018.

He was also honored as an outstanding young talent under the “National Ten Thousand Talents Plan” and as a Class B High-caliber Talent of Hangzhou in 2019. He was selected as the annual entrepreneur of Hangzhou in 2020 and "Innovative Businessman of Zhejiang" in 2021.

Shiwei Miao

Ph.D, Co-founder & SVP

Mainly in charge of CMC research, non-clinical studies and regulatory affairs.

M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Ph.D in Biochemical Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), former Director of the Biological Drug Research Institute of Hisun Pharmaceutical.

Dr. Miao has completed the R&D, registration and industrialization of multiple antibody drugs and obtained clinical permissions and approvals for more than 10 projects in China and the US.

He has 10+ years of experience in CMC research of antibody drugs, non-clinical studies and regulatory affairs. He is skilled in the upstream and downstream process development of antibody drugs and production amplification of the 2000L reactor.

Xiaoran Ding

Ph.D,Co-founder & VP

Mainly in charge of early-stage discovery, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and legal affairs.

B.S. in Pharmacy of Peking University, Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Analysis of AMMS, mainly engaged in research on target therapy.

Dr. Ding has led 7 national research projects, including national “major new drug development projects”, national “863” projects and projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, received the first prize of the ministerial/provincial-level award for scientific and technological advancement, published 22 SCI papers, and obtained 6 national invention patents.

Bin Tan

Ph.D,Co-founder & VP

Mainly in charge of HR, public affairs, and strategy.

Bachelor in Management of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Ph.D in Prevention Medicine of AMMS, associate researcher, mainly engaged in medical and sanitary control.

Dr. Tan used to serve as Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technological Achievements Division of AMMS. He has studied and worked at the National Counter-Terrorism Office, the Ministry of Health, the General Logistics Department of the PLA, etc. He has accumulated 15 years of experience in cooperation with the government, army and enterprises as well as in commercialization of research findings. He has also led 7 national/provincial/ministerial research projects and received 2 second prizes of the ministerial/provincial-level award for scientific and technological advancement.

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