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  • Beijing R&D Center, Sumgen Monoclonal Antibody (Beijing) Biotech Co., Ltd. Officially established.
  • Sumgen completed Angel round investment.
  • Sumgen was selected in“5050 Plan” of Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang).
  • Sumgen completed Series A financing , Led by Shanghai CCB Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. as exclusive investor.
  • SG001 obtained NMPA IND approval.
  • Sumgen established partnership for SG001 with CSPC
    Hangzhou CMC R&D center was officially established.
  • Sumgen was designated as 1 of the science and technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province.
  • Sumgen completed Series A+ Financing, Led by China National Biotech Group (CNBG) as strategic investor.
  • First patient dosed in SG001 clinical trial jointly developed by Sumge and CSPC.
  • Sumgen was accredited by the National Intellectual Property Management System.
  • Sumgen was certified by Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech R&D Center.
  • Sumgen was recognized as one of China's Top 50 Medical and Healthcare Innovation Enterprises.
  • Sumgen was designated as Hangzhou High-Tech Enterpris.
  • Sumgen was listed among the 2020 Key R&D Projects of Zhejiang and obtained a support grant
    Sumgen was recognized as National High-Tech Enterprise
    Sumgen Monoclonal Antibody was recognized as National High-tech Enterprises
    Sumgen was designated as Hangzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprise.
  • Hangzhou Sumgen Biotech Co., Ltd. and CNBG set up the joint venture CNBG Sumgen Biopharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. ("CNBG Sumgen") .
  • The construction of an antibody industrialization base was launched.
  • Series B Financing (RMB 220 million) was completed to accelerate product development and industrialization of innovative products.
  • SG301 was approved by the US FDA for clinical trial.
  • SG404 obtained NMPA IND approval
    Sumgen was recognized as one of the Top 50 Innovative Biomedicine Enterprises of 2020 in China.
  • Clinical trial of SG404 was initiated at Beijing Cancer Hospital.
  • First patient was enrolled in the clinical trial of innovative drug SG404
    Sumgen was certified by Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise R&D Center.
  • SG404 was approved by the US FDA for clinical trial.
  • SG12473 obtained IND in both China and the United States
    Sumgen was named of Hangzhou Unicorn Enterprise.
  • First patient was enrolled in the clinical trial of innovative drug SG12473
    SG301 obtained NMPA IND approval.
  • Series B + Funding of 200 million secured to accelerate clinical development and industrialization of pipeline assets
    Sumgen was selected as one of the top 100 pharmaceutical innovation seed enterprises in China in 2021.
  • Sumgen was certified by Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute in Jan. 2021
    Sumgen was certified by Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center in 2021.

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